How to Quickly Set Up Your Apple TV

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Apple TV lets you watch your favorite TV shows and movies directly from streaming services, like HBO and Netflix. It also allows you to purchase or rent movies.

With its latest software, Apple TV can be easily set up in a few seconds to help you get going.

To configure it, follow these steps:

Choose an iOS device

Keep in mind that setting up Apple TV requires the use of an iOS device to connect to a WiFi network. The device can be your iPhone or iPad.

What is great about Apple TV is that you do not have to enable Bluetooth on your iOS device because Apple TV will do that for you.

Turn on that iOS device

By turning it on, Apple TV will detect it and it will start an automatic setup.

Enter your Apple ID

After the Apple TV has detected your iOS, it pairs itself to that device. A pop-up appears asking you to enter your Apple ID.

Tap Ok after you have provided your information.

It is not a good idea to let the Apple TV to remember your password. This is especially true if you have other members who will use such device. However, if it is just you, then it might be convenient if you let it remember your credentials.

Update its software

Apple will configure itself automatically. But it will not update itself without human intervention. Thus, you need to manually update its software by going to Settings and click on Software Update.

Tweak its settings

You can restrict what TV shows and movies your kids can watch through Apple TV, i.e. if you have children in your house. It can be changed through Restrictions options.

Then, do not forget to configure the AirPlay to help you control the people who can access it using your home network.

iPhone Guide: Learn How to Use Find My iPhone App

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The iPhone is easy on the eyes. As a result, it is prone to being stolen. Leave it at your desk and you will never see it again when you go back. If indeed it was stolen, you can still bring it back.


Through the use of Find My iPhone app. It will not prevent your device to be stolen but it will help you find it when it is taken.

But before you can take advantage of its features, you must enable it first on your iPhone. If your device is stolen and you have not enabled it, then you can never use this app to track it down.

  1. Sign up to iCloud
  2. Enable it on your iPhone by going to Settings and tapping iCloud. If you have already signed up to such service, you just scroll down. Make sure that the Find My iPhone option is enabled.
  3. Go back to Settings menu.
  4. Tap Location Services
  5. Turn it on
  6. Stay on that screen
  7. Find the Find My iPhone option. It is located at the bottom of the list.
  8. Click it to enable such app.

Now that you have enabled the Find My iPhone features, you can now use it to track your device, if it is stolen.

  1. Use other iOS device. It could be iPad or Mac. But make sure that it has the app installed.
  2. Open the app
  3. Log into your account
  4. Locate the stolen iPhone
  5. Click it

You should see the current location of your iPhone.

There are three options that you can choose from. You may play a sound or send a message to it.

You can also remotely lock it by entering the 4-digit code that you used before it was taken.

The other option lets you remotely wipe the device. But this one is drastic as you can no longer track the device as all data are deleted. It will be like a fresh device from the factory.

How to Transfer Media Files Via Samsung Kies

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When it comes to tablet technology, Samsung Galaxy Tab’s name is seen on top of the list of people who are planning to purchase one. The reason for this is that it has enough power, plenty of features and it runs efficiently.

Once you have this tablet, you can’t stop downloading apps, music, videos and other things. If you don’t like bringing your laptop to your office, you can easily transfer the media you have saved from your computer to your Galaxy Tab. This can be done through the use of Samsung’s Kies, which is a free app.

To use this app, follow these steps:

Prepare your tablet and computer

  • On your Samsung Galaxy Tab, go to Settings menu, tap WiFi icon, and enable it. Connect to your Wi-Fi network. Input the password, if necessary.
  • Go to your computer. Download and install said app from Samsung Kies official website. This program is compatible with PC and Mac.

Kies works like iTunes of Apple. It can keep your media organized by dragging and dropping them.

Open Kies

On your computer, launch the program. You will be prompted to connect a device. In this case, it will be your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Start syncing

Make sure that your tablet is already connected to a WiFi network.

To start syncing this tablet to your computer through Kies, you should go to the Settings menu and find Wireless and networks tab. Tap Kies via WiFi option and choose the computer you wish to sync your tablet.

On your computer, accept the request that appears. Transfer files that you wish from your computer by dragging and dropping the files to the corresponding folders.

Once the syncing is done, you may disconnect your tablet. The entire syncing process can take a while if you have huge files.

How to Extend Battery Life of Nokia

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Nokia phone running Windows 8 is a wonderful smartphone option. But, just like any other mobile phones, this, too, has some issues when it comes to its battery life. This is especially true if you’re a heavy user.

Thus, it is perfectly understandable that you want to find tricks on how to extend the life of your phone’s battery before you need to recharge it.

Below, you will find some steps to help you extend your Nokia phone’s battery.

Save power

When your phone’s battery is low, you should set your phone to save power automatically. To do this, you should go to Settings menu, tap battery saver, and turn it on by sliding the bar.

On the same screen, you’ll find the Advanced option. Tap it. There are three options that you can choose from. You can opt to save your battery only when it is low or until next charge. The option to save the battery always is usually not recommended as you won’t be able to maximize the potential of your Nokia phone. Conserving battery only when it’s low is usually the ideal choice.

Adjust screen brightness

In addition to saving your phone’s power, you can also extend your Nokia’s battery life by turning off the auto-screen brightness option. To do this, go to the Settings menu and tap the brightness option. Switch it to low.

Switch off sounds

Not all sounds though. Rather, you must turn off sounds that you don’t need. To adjust your sounds settings, you need to go to the Settings menu and tap ringtones and sounds option.  You may turn off sounds when pressing the keys of your phone, locking and unlocking your device and camera shutter.

You should also turn off the sound that you hear when receiving emails.

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How To Successfully Root Your HTC One In Minutes With Ease!

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HTC One is a mighty smart phone. In fact, it is one of the classiest mobile kits available on the market. But it comes with limitations. There are things that you cannot do with it. Thankfully, there is a process called rooting that will allow you to install and do anything you want with it.

Without further delays, let’s now help you root your HTC One.

To get started right away, get the needed tools here: Rooting Tools

Note: The following process will also root HTC one S and X, and works with all firmwares. 4.1.2,  4.3, 4.4 and 4.4.2 are also compatible.

1. Make a backup copy of your phone

This means that you have to backup your photos, documents music and other essential data that you do not want to lose in case something goes wrong with the process.

It is also ideal to backup all your contacts stored on your phone and copy them to your SIM card.

Do not mind making backups for your apps and games as they can be easily downloaded once the process is done.

2. Find reliable tools to root your HTC One

Not all programs that can root this model of HTC are created equal. Therefore, you must choose the one that supports HTC One.

Make sure that the majority of its reviews are positive. Luckily, the link above has done all the research for you.

3. Download the program

Once you have found the most reliable and appropriate program that can root your mobile, you need to download it, along with its necessary files.

Most programs are available to be downloaded in zip format.

Save the necessary files to your computer. If it comes in zip format, you should unpack the file before you start the process.

4. Start rooting your HTC One

Begin rooting your phone by plugging it to your computer where the program has been installed.

Make sure that your phone is in Debugging mode by changing its settings and checking the box next to USB debugging option. It is found under Settings > Select Developer Options.

Go to the notifications bar. Tap on the USB connection type and choose Charge Only option.

Find the file to root your mobile. Open its executable file to start rooting your phone.

You will notice that your phone reboots a few times. This is to be expected as the settings in your phone are being changed. So, do not panic. Let it restart until the entire process is complete.

You must bear in mind that rooting your HTC One means voiding your warranty. You also need to consider that this process may brick your device if you use the wrong program. Thus, it is highly recommended that you choose a program that is specifically designed to root HTC One to avoid mishaps.

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4 Features Your IOS Device Should Have

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Using an iPhone is probably one of the most efficient ways of make your life easy and convenient. It has the features and functionalities that can help you do many tasks quickly and with ease. If you have a new iPhone and you have no idea how you can make the most out of its features and capabilities, then you need to learn what it’s operating system has to offer and how you can use it. Below are the steps on how you can use iOS app properly.

Forward or Delete Individual Messages

You can actually get rid of individual messages from your conversation via SMS and forward them to other people. You can also select the individual messages that you want deleted from your conversation. You can do this by going to the SMS conversation, look at the top right of the screen and tap edit, and check off the messages that you want to forward of deleted. You may then select the message, tap forward and choose the recipient. You can also tap the Delete option to get rid of the message.

Email 5 Photos At A Time

Sending five photos in one email can be easy, and to start you just need to go to photos. Go to the bottom left, look for an arrow and then tap it. Choose the image that you want to send and then tap the share option. You may finish the task by sending your email together with the photos that are automatically attached in it.

Shake To Undo and Redo Typing And Shuffle

You can undo typing or get your text back through shaking your device. After shaking your iPhone, you will be given the option to undo typing or redo typing for confirmation. You can also shake your device and it automatically shuffles the songs in your music library.

Copy, Cut, and Paste

This feature allows you to cut, copy, and paste your text to anywhere on your device. This means that you can cut a text from a Safari web page or an app and then paste it on your email. To do this,you just need tap a word and then highlight the text by dragging the blue markers. Select cut or copy, go to the typable area, and then press Paste.

The iOS app is extremely easy to use and you just need to learn the easiest steps to make the most out of its functionalities. There are many other things that you can do to use your iPhone efficiently, and you won’t even have to spend anything for them.

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